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Shatter is one of the most popular extracts available on the commercial recreational market today. 

It has a beautiful, candy/glass-like appearance with gorgeous golden colour.

Made using equipment such as a closed-loop extraction system, involves using solvents such as butane or propane to blast the essential oils and cannabinoids from the plant material. 

Once the cannabinoids and oils have been separated from the plant, the remaining mixture will be purged for hours or days to remove any residual solvents that may be left behind.

The result is a high potency extract that is loaded with flavour.

Shatter is most often dabbed in a dab rig or consumed via a vaporizer, however, it is very versatile and can be smoked in a joint with flower or infused into products like edibles or topicals.

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What Is Shatter

Shatter is a cannabinoid extract made from the marijuana plant. 

It has a beautiful golden glass look and texture reminiscent of candy.

 Shatter contains almost entirely cannabinoids and terpenes making it a high purity product.

 This means shatter is very potent and can reach the 80% THC Ranges

What Is CBD Shatter?

CBD Shatter, much like its THC rich counterpart, is shatter that contains CBD. 

These types of extracts will offer users high levels of cannabidiols.

 This is an awesome option for those users looking for the medicinal benefits of shatter.

How Is Shatter Made

There are a variety of ways producers can extract shatter.

 This includes closed loops systems and even open blasting. 

The idea is that the cannabis plant material is blasted through a system with a hydrocarbon such as butane or propane. 

This will strip the weed of its cannabinoids, terpenes, fats and flavonoids. 

Once this initial blast has been done, the residual product will be purged to remove any harmful contaminants.  

Once completed, producers are left with a gorgeous batch of golden goodness known as Shatter! 

What Does Shatter Look Like?

When produced correctly, shatter is very appealing. It has a unique, beautiful golden , glass like presentation that makes it look almost as appealing to eat as it is to dab!

Sometimes you will find amber, maroon or even black shatters. 

These various colours can be due to a number of things including quality, age of cannabis material, length of purge and more.

Good quality shatter should always be golden, translucent, and snap like glass.

How To Use Shatter

Consuming sattr can be done in many ways as this extract is quite versatile

You can smoke shatter from a dab rig, or “DAB”. Joints can be rolled with shatter inside! 

We can also use shatter to make edibles.Or infuse them into topicals.


Side Effects Of Shatter

Due to its potency levels, Shatter is one of the strongest cannabis products available.

 Because of this, there are some effects users may find unpleasant. Or enjoy. Totally depends on you.

Effects of shatter can include intense euphoria , sedation, panic or anxious feelings . 

As always, effects vary from consumer to consumer so its always best to play it safe.

Why is Shatter So Strong?

The potency found in products like shatter is due to the focus on extraction of cannabinoids.

 Shatter is so strong because it leaves behind all the plant material and contains just cannabinoids like THC in high quantities. 


Is Shatter The Same As Dabs? 

Dabs and shatter can be used to mean the same thing. However, “dabs” refers to the consumption of extracts via dabbing or dabs. 

They call them dabs because just a “dab” of shatter is all you need to get rocking.

Does shatter get you higher than other extracts like Wax?

Effects and highs from different extracts and cannabis products are to be expected.

You may find a wax that contains 75% THC and a shatter that contains just 70%. 

You may also find a shatter that is 81% THC and a wax that contains 65%.

Each product is different base on the cultivars, production methods, and other various elements.


Why does shatter turn into sugar, budder, or crumble?

As with any product, flaws in production method or storages can result in shatter turning into sugar, budder or crumble.

Some people prefer these textures, however if you bought shatter and it changed consistency , then something went wrong with the product

How To Store Shatter

Like most extracts, shatter should be kept in a cool, dry place. Storing your dabs in a sealed glass jar kept out of the light is a solid option.


Is Shatter Legal In Canada

Legalization of Cannabis in Canada started in the fall of 2018. 

By 2019 “Legalization 2.0” was launched allowing sale of vapes, extracts like shatter, edibles and more.


Can You Eat Shatter?

Yes, you can eat shatter.

Shatter will help produce some of the most potent edibles available.

In order to eat shatter, it must go through the process of decarboxylation.

 To learn more about decarboxylation, check out my article here


Shatter is one of the most popular cannabis products on the market around the world today!

And as yo see , that may be for a very good reason.

Did we miss something about shatter? Got something we should add? Have any questions? 

Let us know in the comments!