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What Are Cannabis  Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates, also known as extracts or dabs,  are the most potent forms of marijuana products. 

With weed concentrates, the essential oils and cannabinoids are separated from the marijuana plant.

Utilizing a variety of different extraction processes to produce a highly potent cannabis product that is full of flavour.

Why Do People Use Marijuana Extracts and Concentrates ?

People prefer to use marijuana extracts over other products due to the potency and flavour. 

As a result of the extraction process, these weed  products are made up almost entirely of THC or CBD , other cannabinoids and terpenes. 

This provides a rich flavour profile and powerful effects.

Concentrates are an awesome option for those with a high tolerance to cannabis.

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Dabs and Dabbing : How To Consume Cannabis  Extracts and Concentrates

Most concentrates and  extracts are consumed by “Dabbing” or Vaporization.

Dabs or Dabbing refers to the method of smoking or vaporizing weed extracts such as shatter or wax.

This is done through a bong or pipe known as a dab rig.

Dab rigs differ from bongs.

They often contain a banger, which is a glass bucket like product that contains your extract.

 These nails can be glass or titanium and act as a plate for your concentrates to be vaporized upon. 

To do a dab you will heat up your banger, bucket or nail until it has reached your desired temperature.

Once your banger or nail has been heated, you can apply your extract to the surface. This will start the process of vaporization.

At this point you will begin to inhale from your dab rig and ingest the vapor or smoke.

Different types of weed Concentrates and Extracts

There is a large variety of cannabis concentrates s available to users today.

Each different marijuana extract has something unique to offer its consumer.

Often the difference will be flavour, potency, or affordability.

Below we will list some of the most common extracts such as shatter, wax, hash etc.

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Hashish aka hash is the OG Extract. It is the godfather of all extractions. 

Without hashish we wouldn’t have the beautiful array of the weed concentrates we have today.

Hash has been around for a very long time with some sources tracing original forms of hashish back to the 9th century.

some argue earlier versions of hash, namely “Charas” were consumed long before documentation began. 

 Hash made its western  world debut in the19th century.  Historically, European doctors imported hashish to conduct research. This led to the introduction of various extraction methods that allowed further refinement into medications. 

Hashish comes from Trichomes, the resinous gland heads  found on the cannabis plant .

There are many different methods for making hash including bubble hash, dry sifting, and rubbing or charas.

Finger Hash / Scissor Hash/ Rub / Charas – Finger hash / Scissor Hash aka Rub or Charas is the original form of hash that has been around for hundreds of years. It is made by rubbing the plant or flower between your hands or fingers and collecting the hashy resin on your hands, finger or scissors. 

Dry Sift – Made using a high quality starting material. separating the trichomes from the rest of the plant and filtering them using a mesh screen. The trichomes can be separated from the plant using different methods such as rubbing, shaking, and tumbling your plant material.

Bubble Hash –  another method for making hashish that involves submerging your plant material in icy water. and agitating the mixture until all the trichome heads are removed. You then collect your hash and dry it out for consumption.

Hash Rosin – most modern method for making hashish. This is accomplished by taking the trichome heads or hash and using heat and pressure to produce a clean ,  beautiful concentrate full of flavour and potency.

Hash can be consumed in a variety of ways based on consistency. The best way to smoke hash is in a pipe or a bong, however it can be consumed with bud in a joint or via other methods. 


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Rosin is a form of concentrate that is often thought to be one of the most natural, purest and potent extracts available. 

The concentrate gets its name from the process used to produce the extract, which has been dubbed “Rosin Tech”. 

involves taking your starting plant material and pressing it between heated plates. applying enough heat and pressure to extract the essential oils and cannabinoids from marijuana. 

Rosin is considered clean and pure is because made from only cannabis, heat, and pressure. 

 There are no hydrocarbons or solvents used in the extraction process.

Rosin is normally consumed by dabbing or vaporization. however it can be smoked with flower in a joint, infused into edibles and topical products and many other methods.

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Honey Oil / Cherry Oil

Honey oil / Cherry Oil is another classic concentrate that has been around for many years. 

The names honey and cherry refer to the colour of each respective oil. Honey oil is more golden, hence the name. Cherry oil, of course is an amber/red colour. 

made using either alcohol or butane to remove the essential oils and cannabinoids from the marijuana.

Honey oil and Cherry oil can be smoked in a dab rig, on a joint, eaten or used in many other ways.

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THC Distillate

THC distillate is one of the most potent cannabis concentrates available today reaching THC levels in the 99% range.

It is made using various lab equipment such as a short path distillation system. 

These systems use steam, pressure and heat to manipulate the boiling points of cannabinoids so that compounds can be fractioned off for collection.

By doing this, cannabis compounds are separated by weight and unique boiling points, leaving undesirable compounds behind.

THC distillate can pass through this process a few times to produce an even more pure cannabis product.

When done properly, your left with an extremely potent, thick, golden cannabis oil that is nearly 100 percent THC.

Clear THC distillate is Completely flavourless and has no smell, but offers a wonderful euphoric high!

THC Distillate can be dabbed, vaporized, smoked in a joint or used to make edibles or other marijuana products.

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Shatter is one of the most popular extracts available on the commercial recreational market today. 

It has a beautiful, candy/ glass like appearance with a gorgeous golden colour.

Shatter is made using equipment such as a closed loop extraction system. this involves using solvents such as butane or propane to blast the essential oils and cannabinoids from the plant material. 

the remaining mixture will be purged for hours or days to remove any residual solvents that may be left behind.

The result is a high potency extract that is loaded with flavour.

Shatter is most often dabbed in a dab rig or consumed via vaporizer. however it is very versatile and can be smoked in a joint with flower or infused into products like edibles or topicals.

budder wax the flower shop chetwynd concentrates

budder wax the flower shop chetwynd concentrates


Budder, wax, and crumble are different names for very similar extracts that have slightly different textures and consistencies. 

 same extraction process as shatter, however the difference is the length and/or method of purging they go through. 

 often purged less than shatter and “whipped up” or stirred during the process to give the extract products its texture.

The main difference between budder /wax and shatter is that fewer terpenes and flavonoids are lost  because of a difference in purge, often allowing for more flavour and aroma. 

Budder, wax, and crumbles are best consumed via a dab rig or vaporizer. Much like the other concentrates on this list, these products are very versatile and can be smoked in joints, infused into edibles or topicals.

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chemdog live resin concentrates

Live Resin / Live Rosin 

Live resin and live rosin are a variety of cannabis concentrates that utilize live plant material to produce a more cannabinoid and terpene rich extract. 

“Live” refers to plants that are freshly harvested and then flash frozen or processed for extraction right away. This is done to preserve cannabinoids and terpenes which are extremely volatile and degrade when exposed to elements such as heat,light,oxygen and other things.

Live resin often undergoes a very similar extraction method as the one used to produce budder or waxes with the “Live” plant material.

Live Rosin is produced by using the “Live” plant material , heat, and pressure to produce a rosin extract.

Both of these concentrates can be consumed by dabbing or vaporization, as well as smoked with flower or infused into other cannabis products. 

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thc diamond weed concentrates

Terp Sauce / Diamonds

Diamonds and Terp Sauce are the latest craze when it comes to cannabis concentrates.

The extractions are the result of a few processes that are completed together  in order to produce the highest quality product available.

Diamonds  are rocks of THCA that sre  incredibly potent, hitting THC levels in the 99% percent range, making it one of the strongest weed items available on the recreational market today.

Terp Sauce is the byproduct of the separation of THCA Crystalline from its liquid base.

It is a terpene rich, full spectrum sauce that is often re-introduced to diamonds later to add flavour 

Both of these concentrates are best consumed by dabbing or vaporization, however they can also be smoked in a joint with weed or infused into other cannabis products.