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Cannabis Related Anxiety

Cannabis-related anxiety sucks!

While cannabis has a ton of benefits, including anti-anxiety for some, it does the opposite and causes anxiety.

Whether it’s an Indica or Sativa thing, or due to THC contents, anxiety from cannabis is nothing new.

Many cannabis users or people interested in using cannabis ask, is there a way to avoid, or counteract intense cannabis highs?

The Flower Shop is happy to answer that there is.

In this article, we take a look at 4 different ways to fight cannabis related anxiety.

Cannabis Related Anxiety

Cannabis Related Anxiety

Black Pepper

You might be surprised to find out that cannabis and Black pepper have some similar chemical traits.

 black pepper is rich in terpene, beta-caryophyllene, which is abundant in cannabis.

According to this study, Black pepper has a “Phytocannabinoid-terpenoid effect. 

This can help Anxiety by sending signals to cannabinoid receptors in your brain.

So If it makes you a bit paranoid, try sniffing or chewing black pepper.

Some people swear by it, including legendary Canadian rocker, Neil Young.

If the Black Pepper doesn’t do the trick, try tip number 2.

Cannabis Related Anxiety

Cannabis Related Anxiety


one of the best treatments for anxiety is exercise, for several numbernumber of reasons.  

Performing exercises like skipping, jogging,  can not only help take your mind off of the cannabis induced anxiety but give you a breath of fresh air and get your blood flowing.

According to studies, regular exercise can even work as well as medication for some people to reduce anxiety.

The effects are also long-lasting. One intense exercise session can help alleviate anxiety for hours.

If you’re feeling too high for some exercise, consider trying tip number 3!


cbd compound the flower shop cannabis


Cannabidiol has been one of the most significant medical discoveries in cannabis since the beginning of research into the plant.

one of its main applications is as an anti-anxiety medicine.

CBD works to fight anxiety from cannabis by binding on cannabinoid receptors in the brain and central nervous system.

This reduces the euphoria or high from THC.

Cannabidiol boosts signaling through serotonin receptors, much like Prozac, and can boost mood while reducing anxiety.

If you suffer from cannabis related anxiety, consider trying a marijuana strain with a higher CBD content.

or carrying some CBD on you to take when the symptoms of anxiety appear.

If these 3 tips haven’t worked, maybe it’s time for number 4!

rest Cannabis Related Anxiety


The only guaranteed thing about anxiety and relief is that no matter what, relief comes in time.

Sometimes the best thing to do is get some rest and let the anxiety pass.

While this may not be the most ideal form of relief, as it is hard to shut your brain off,  it is a  guaranteed form of relief.  

A Cannabis high can last anywhere from 1 to 8 hours.

It is best to find a  quiet, cool, dark place and lay down until the unpleasant effects have worn off.

Keep a glass of water close by as it will help to stay hydrated.

If you can’t fall asleep, try listening to some calming music and trying some breathing exercises while lying down.



While cannabis related anxiety can be uncomfortable and annoying, it is treatable and possible to overcome for good

Following any of the 4 tips above is a solid start, but as new studies come out all the time, the number of ways to treat cannabis related anxiety grows.

Do you feel like we missed a way to fight cannabis related anxiety? Let us know in the comments!