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Vape Carts 101: Everything You Need To Know About Vaporizer Cartridges

Have you tried a vape cart? One of the most popular ways to consume cannabis these days is via vaporization.

Marijuana users who choose Weed vape carts want cannabinoids on the go with discreetness.

THC and CBD vape cartridges have made this easy!

Users can Vape with ease not afforded by other consumption methods such as a joint or pipe.

Consumers who choose vape carts also have access to a large variety of flavours and potency ranges. 

back40 vape cart

back40 vape cart

What is a Cannabis Vaporizer Cartridge

A weed vaporizer, also known as a vape cart, or 510 cartridges is a pre-loaded glass or plastic vape cartridge.

These carts contain ingredients starting with a form of concentrated oil such as full-spectrum THC or CBD oil, Distillate, live resin, or others.

concentrated oils used in the production of Vape carts often contain a high percentage of cannabinoids.

These products are extremely popular due to their high potency, ease of use, and a large selection of flavours.

Single cannabinoid oils like distillate have no flavour so the flavours are often reintroduced later through infusion.

Commonly, natural or botanical terpenes are used to mimic the strain profiles listed on the vaporizer cartridge. 

Vaporizer cartridges often consist of a few main parts:

Chamber – the section of the cartridge which holds the concentrated oil. It is often made of glass or plastic.

Atomizer –  the part of the cartridge that heats up your oils. It is often made of ceramic, glass, or metal.

Mouthpiece – the tip of the cartridge where vapor exits. It is often made out of plastic, rubber, ceramic, or metal.

510 Thread – the bottom of your cartridge which connects to the battery. It is made of steel.

vaporizer cartridge diagram vape carts

vaporizer cartridge diagram vape carts

What is in a Weed vape cart

Full Spectrum Oil – Full spectrum oil is a concentrate containing all natural cannabinoids and terpenes including THC, CBD, terpenes, and more. This is thought to be the best option for receiving the full benefits of cannabis . This is because it contains a natural full range of essential oils and cannabinoids. Other oils such as distillate are often single cannabinoid extracts processed for pure potency. They  have artificial flavours introduced in the production process.


Distillate – The majority of cannabis vaporizer oil cartridges on the recreational market are made using THC Distillate. THC Distillate is a single cannabinoid flavourless and odourless pure THC oil. It is processed for its high potency. The benefit of this oil is its strength as THC levels can reach the high 90 percent range. The downside is the lack of other cannabinoids and natural flavours


Live Resin – Live resin cartridges are currently less common on the recreational market. This is because  they are more costly to produce. When produced properly, are the cream of the crop. They offer both, high potency and an amazing natural flavour profile.

kush mints vape cart

kush mints vape cart

Why Do People Choose Vaporizer Carts

Cannabis consumers choose to use vapor cartridges for a variety of reasons.

The main reason most people choose to use a THC or CBD vaporizer cart is for convenience.

As long as the cartridge is full and the battery is charged, cannabinoids can be consumed anywhere, anytime.

Another reason users choose weed vapes is due to the discretion they offer. 

Vape carts are often small devices that allow users to consumer privately without attracting attention.

Vaporizers also offer a much milder odor than products such as a joint, adding to the discreteness of vapes. 

Marijuana vaporizer cartridges are also popular among weed users because of the large variety and selection of products available. 

There are tons of different vape products including different cannabinoids and flavour profiles. This ensures that users can get exactly the product they are looking for.

The final reason people choose to use vape carts is their potency.

Vaporizers can reach the high 90 percent range, making them one of the more potent products on the market today.

fireside vape cart and battery

fireside vape cart and battery

What You Need To Use a THC or CBD Vape Cart

In order to use a THC or CBD vaporizer cartridge, you are going to need a compatible 510 thread battery device.

510 thread refers to the threading on the connecting end of the cartridge.

This is a universal thread size that nearly all cannabis vape cart companies use.

Any 510 battery should be fine.

If you’re looking for peak performance, you want adjustable voltage ranging from 2-4 volts.

This type of battery will allow you to get the most out of your vaporizer cartridges . Carts can function differently based on weather, storage, oil consistency, and other factors.

For example, when it is cold and your oil thickens, you can simply adjust the voltage. 

A higher temperature will help thin the oil so it’s easier to vaporize. 

vape cart and battery

vape cart and battery

How To Use Marijuana Vaporizer Cartridges

To use your weed vape cart, simply screw it into your charged 510 thread battery device.

If there is no button on your battery device, suck on the cartridge to begin activation.

Vapor should begin to flow into your mouth for inhalation. 

If your battery device has a button, you may need to press it 5 times to power the device up.

Once the device is powered on you can press the button again to begin an activation, then inhale the cannabis vapor.

Some batteries also have a preheat function. When activated will preheat your cartridge so when you go for a hit, the oil is preheated . This will make it fluid allowing an easier vaporization..

To activate this feature try clicking the button on your device 2 times. 


Are THC and CBD Vaporizer Carts Safe? 

All legal cannabis products available in Canada go through strict testing.

This ensures they are safe for consumption, including testing for pesticides, heavy metals, and contaminants.

All vape technology sold in the legal cannabis market goes through the same rigorous testing.

This ensures that vaporizer carts are safe for human consumption. 


Vape Carts VS Flower / Bud

potency is the main difference between THC and CBD vape carts, and flower or bud.

Vaporizer cartridges are more potent than flowers because they contain concentrated oils that reach 70-99 percent cannabinoids.

Flower potency maximizes out in the 30 percent range.

Vape carts also offer users more discretion when they consume as less smell is produced. 

pure sun farms vape cart

pure sun farms vape cart

Storage Tips For Vape Carts

All cannabis vaporizer cartridges should be stored appropriately to receive the best results and function from the product.

Vape carts should always be stored with the mouthpiece upright and 510 thread pointed down to prevent clogs or potential leaks.

This will also ensure that your THC or CBD oil collects around the vape coils for optimal vaporization.

Cannabis vaporizer cartridges should be stored at room temperature and not left exposed to extreme elements such as intense cold or heat. 


Troubleshooting Your Vaporizer Cartridge

You may experience the possibility for dysfunction or outright technical failure of the vaporizer cartridge. This is due to the technology involved in cannabis vape carts

Before throwing out or returning a cartridge, it is best to troubleshoot the cartridge before considering it a loss.

Vape carts can also become clogged due to the viscosity of the oils used in the production of thc and CBD vape carts,

The best way to deal with a clog is to apply more heat to the cart. Either by using a high voltage or temperature to vaporize or by applying heat to the cart itself.

This can be done by placing your cart next to a heater or blow dry for a short period until the oil has become more fluid.