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So super pumped!!   the Weed Stork is coming with Weedlings…..For you to care for at home.  Even though we sell a lot of dry flower, everyone here at the flower shop appreciates a good old-fashioned grow!  All Canadians are entitled to 4 plants, so why not take advantage of it? Up until now there hasn’t been a legal outlet for acquiring Clones to propagate yourself.  These are exciting times!  We purchased ours from Herbal Dispatch https://herbaldispatch.com/pages/about-us.  As far as I know, we are the only dispensary in our area to be carrying them!  They are due to arrive Monday, just the day after tomorrow.  Fingers crossed, they actually do arrive!  Mac Fritter & Banana Cabana are the two cultivars about to become available,  Awesome gift for any cannabis enthusiast, and what a unique gift idea for Mother’s Day!!  She prob doesn’t have one & it is truly the gift that keeps on giving!  More once we see them!!